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Postpartum Doula service

We're here for you

With this service, one of our professional postpartum companions will accompany you for regular visits over several weeks following the birth of your baby. We will provide the emotional, informational and physical support that you need. 

What can you expect during a postpartum visit?

  • Postpartum massage. 

  • Belly binding.

  • Cooking or prepping meals.

  • Light household duties​.

  • Entertaining older children.

  • Holding / caring for baby so mum can nap, eat, shower or have some alone time. 

  • Helping with general baby care – bathing, feeding, settling.

  • Answering questions and providing evidence -based information.

  • Being available to listen and chat about the transition to motherhood. 

  • Having access to a network of other postpartum professionals to refer to if the need arises, 

Post partum packages are custom to the needs of every family so please get in touch for a consult or customised quote.